Amanda hup! conservatory newbuild

Amanda's hup! story

Amanda and her family live in a new build house and they longed for a conservatory to extend the kitchen into a more sociable space for family time, as well as for entertaining.

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Time taken to build

3 Days

Additional space vs traditional build




hup! project details

Conservatory Glass hup! brick mesh

A new social space

She chose to add a hup! conservatory onto her home featuring a glass roof, dwarf walls and French doors to link to the garden. Externally the conservatory walls are finished in hup! brick mesh which is a fantastic match for the brick of the property, and the windows, doors and roof are anthracite grey – creating a conservatory that looks like a real part of the home with modern good looks.

On the inside, an insulated pelmet runs around the perimeter of the roof, giving a solid, extension-like feel to the space, as well as further adding to the insulation of the new living space.

The hup! glass roof was chosen to flood the conservatory and adjoining kitchen with natural light and features high performance glass. This, coupled with the highly insulated hup! walls has ensured that the interior of the conservatory remains a comfortable temperature, no matter how hot or cold it is outdoors. As the conservatory is East facing, Amanda chose glass for the roof that also has a tinted finish to reduce glare from the sun.

Fast to build

When it came to the build, Amanda was amazed by the speed of the system. Even though she had been told how quickly a hup! conservatory can be built by her hup! builder, it was still a shock to come home from work on day one and find that the bulk of the structure had gone up in a day!

Incredibly, by day three, the conservatory was fully watertight with glazed windows, doors and roof all built and the interior fully plastered. To build and plaster a conservatory would typically take weeks or more with a traditional build and so to have all this work completed in just three days meant that there was very disruption to normal life for Amanda and her family.

Amanda's hup! story build

"hup! is an absolute game changer”

Laura Jane Clark

Leading architect & star of BBC’s Your Home Made Perfect

“For homeowners, hup! is completely game changing. People often ask how they can add an extension or rebuild their unusable conservatory in the most efficient way possible – hup! is definitely the answer. I’ve been totally blown away by the engineering behind the whole thing. Not only is it just a brilliant system, the great thing about it is it’s so quick.”

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"We love it!"

Commenting about her hup! conservatory, Amanda said:

“We didn’t want it to be somewhere we couldn’t sit in the summer or where it’s too cold – the high performance glass just takes the edge off the glaring sun and makes all the difference. If we have friends over now they can sit here with a drink or just on a day-to-day basis while the food is cooking I can sit here and take five and it just makes it a much more relaxing place. The conservatory went up in a DAY – it was amazing. It’s been something we’ve really wanted for a while and now we have it – we love it!”

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