hup! conservatory conversions
conservatory conversions

hup! conservatory conversions

If your old conservatory is an unloved, unused, and uninspiring waste of space, it’s time to bring it back to life with hup!. While previously it has only been possible to replace the roof and the windows and doors like-for-like, with hup! you can use your existing base and convert your conservatory into a stunning new extension with a completely new layout.

Place walls, windows and doors wherever you like in the design and the space will be warm enough to create a contemporary new open-plan living space.

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"Replacing an old conservatory with hup! is a no brainer!"

Laura Jane Clark

Leading architect & star of BBC's Your Home Made Perfect

The hup! system is brilliant for a lot of conservatory replacement projects as you can just reuse the existing base because it’s so lightweight. This means you don’t need to dig new foundations, so it speeds up the process – plus it’s more sustainable to reuse the existing base.

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Laura Jane Clark hup!
Fast Fast

Five times faster to build

Design flexibility Design flexibility

Design flexibility

Energy efficient Energy efficient

Five times more energy efficient

Hassle free Hassle free

High quality finish, every time

High qality High quality

One supplier, one project

Five times faster to build

Convert your old conservatory in less than a week

Build on your existing base, saving time and money

No weather delays

Super fast to build thanks to click fit technology

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Happy family with hup! extension build

Rapid conservatory conversions

Rebuild your old conservatory into a modern, energy efficient extension in less than a week.




Windows & doors




Wall finish

Building with hup! is easy Design your hup!

hup! footprint
hup! wall technology

hup! technology explained

There are many reasons why hup! is the better way to build. Forget horror stories of lengthy builds, mess and disruption to your home and budgets spiralling out of control – with hup! all of these are eliminated.

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rapid conservatory conversions

Rapid conservatory conversions

Unlike traditional building methods, as hup! is so lightweight, you can even use your existing conservatories base, so the build is rapid and costs are a lot less! Not only this, but because hup! walls are so slim, you will gain 10-15% more floor space with hup!.

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Find a hup! builder

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Our nationwide network of fully trained hup! specialists are on hand to guide you through your hup! project from design, right through to completion, in a fraction of the time it would take for a traditional build.

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It’s simple to plan your perfect hup! with our easy-to-use online configurator.

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Stress free building

Often it can be difficult to know where to begin with an extension project and the thought of briefing an architect, navigating Building or Planning Regulations and choosing a reliable builder can be overwhelming and stressful.

All of this pre-project anxiety simply vanishes as one hup! team takes care of the entire project for you – including the work usually done by an architect.

See your designs come to life in the hup! software and then simply place your order, receive a confirmed price, and watch your hup! extension transform your home within weeks.

Building a hup! couldn’t be simpler – no stress, no expensive experts, and delivered on time – on budget.

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hup! - stress free conservatory and extension building
hup! - stress free conservatory and extension building

Any questions?

Why is hup! a better option than just replacing the roof on my conservatory?

If you simply replace the roof on your conservatory it will only look like an updated version of what you had. With hup!, you have the chance to completely change the space into a modern new extension with walls, windows and doors wherever you like and a completely different roof style if you wish.

Can my existing conservatories base be used for a hup! extension?

If I replace my conservatory with hup! how will it affect the amount of floorspace?

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