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At the heart of any hup! are the energy efficient, fast to build walls that can be placed anywhere in your design thanks to their incredible flexibility. Fully Building Regulation compliant, hup! walls are revolutionising the way that we build.

hup! Ultrapanel technology

Patented Ultrapanel Technology

The Ultrapanels used in hup! walls are constructed from a patented combination of timber, steel and insulation.

This unique combination of steel and timber makes Ultrapanel different from other modern methods of construction, combining them into a super-strong and thermally efficient structure with no cold bridging.

hup! connection details

Rapid Construction

The rapid clip-fit technology used in hup! walls and roofs mean that your new hup! extension can be built up to five times faster than a traditional build. Built in any weather a small extension could be built and watertight in 2-3 days without any weather or scheduling delays.

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hup! ibeam structure

Light and Slim

Due to their lightweight nature, hup! walls can be built on top of an existing base, unlike bricks and mortar which would be too heavy and require a new base. hup! walls are also incredibly light so are easy for your builder to handle, contributing to the speed of the build. Finally, as they are slimmer than a traditionally built wall, hup! walls create a floorspace that is 10-15% larger than one with brick walls.

hup! wall technology

Energy Efficient

hup! walls are 6% more energy efficient than a fully Building Regulation compliant wall thanks to the large proportion of super-insulation in the panels.

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