What is a SIP extension?

What is a SIP extension?

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If you are interested in extending your home to create more living space for you and your family, you may have heard the term SIP extension but not know what this means.

The simplest answer is that it is an extension built using different technology and building materials to a traditionally built (bricks and mortar) extension. Before we explore what is a SIP extension, it is important to first understand what a SIP is.

What is a SIP (extension)?

SIP is an abbreviation for Structurally Insulated Panel. SIP panels are made from a highly insulated compressed core that is sandwiched between an outer layer on each side. SIP panels are manufactured in factories with strict quality control procedures in place to ensure a consistently high quality. The panels are transported to site in kit form to build an extension or can even be used to build a full home. These SIP panels can also be used to build the walls and roofs of home extensions and are used in place of bricks and mortar. 

There are many advantages to building using SIPs and we will explore these below. In answer to the common query about what is a SIP extension, it is quite simply, an extension that is built using SIPs. The benefits of building a SIP extension are extremely compelling and SIPs have revolutionised the building world.

Benefits of a SIP extension

There are many benefits to building a SIP extension. The main benefits are speed, warmth and the ease of the build. These are important benefits and ones that help many homeowners to decide to add this advanced type of extension to their home. This is because a SIP extension does not come with many of the problems of a traditional build that put people off adding an extension to their home.

Here is more information about the top 3 benefits of a SIP extension:

1 Speed of building

SIP extensions are far faster to build than an extension constructed from bricks and mortar. This is because they are prefabricated off-site in factory conditions. When the SIPS arrive on site, much of the time-consuming work has already been done. All that is left to do is for the builder to build the extension using the SIPs which arrive in a kit form. This means that the time on site can be reduced from weeks or months to just days. A typical SIP extension would be built in around 2 days, dependent on size. The speed at which this type of extension can be built is clearly a huge benefit. Many homeowners are put off from having an extension as they cannot face months of disruption in their home and garden. A SIP extension takes this problem away.

2 The energy efficiency of a SIP extension

Both the materials used and the way that they work together means that SIP panels are extremely energy efficient. In fact, a SIP extension can be twice as energy efficient as one built from bricks and mortar. This means that adding a SIP extension to your home will ensure a new living space that is beautifully warm – just the same as any other room in your home. Not only will your new extension be warm, but you will also benefit from reduced heating bills.

3 SIP extensions – the hassle-free way to extend your home

SIP extensions are hassle-free which makes them a popular choice with homeowners wanting to avoid the many stresses and challenges that come with a traditionally built extension. SIP extensions are Building Regulation compliant so there is less red tape. You will not automatically need to employ an architect to design your extension (although you can still go down this route if you wish). Due to the speed in which a SIP extension can be built, there is far less disruption to you, your home and your family. Your local builder will need a much smaller team if you are having a SIP extension built and so there will be fewer unknown faces working in your home.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing a SIP extension for your home. The development of SIP panels and kit-form SIP extensions has truly revolutionised the way we extend our homes. SIP extensions create beautiful warm living spaces in a short time with minimum disruption.

SIP extension designs

There is no limit or restriction on the style of home extension that can be created with SIPs. Just like with a brick extension, you can design a new living space that will work perfectly for your home and family life. This might be a flat roof or a pitched roof design. Both options can feature glazing in the roof such as flat skylights or lanterns. This will ensure that your extension is flooded with natural light, making your new room and any adjoining rooms beautifully bright. 

As SIP extensions are so highly energy efficient, you don’t need to worry about the amount of glazing in your extension – it will still be warm just like the rest of your home. Large expanses of bi-fold or sliding doors are currently both popular options for the glazing in the walls of an extension. Both of these door types bring large amounts of light into your extension and create large openings to seamlessly join your home and garden.

In terms of how a SIP extension looks from the outside, again, the choice is yours. Choose from a range of cladding options for the solid wall areas to complement or contrast with your home. Cladding options include wood, render, brick, or a combination of several of these.

Starting a SIP extension

If after reading this, you would like to explore the options for adding a SIP extension to your home, speak to your local hup! builder. They will be able to work with you on the design options and help you to create a stunning new living space in no time at all. Using unique Ultrapanel technology for the walls and roof, hup! makes it possible to extend your home quickly, in a hassle-free way and create a beautiful, warm bright living space.

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