Advantages of pre-fab extensions

Advantages of pre-fab extensions

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If you’re thinking about extending your home, you may be wondering what are the advantages of pre-fab extensions. You may also have heard of pre-fab extensions but not fully understand what they are or why they might be better than traditionally built extensions.
There are many advantages of pre-fab extensions. In this article, we will explore the top 5.

Top 5 advantages of pre-fab extensions

1 Speed

Without a doubt, speed is the number one advantage of this type of extension. For many homeowners who would like to extend their home, the length of time it might take is a big factor in putting them off. However, with pre-fab extensions, a new extension can be built and finished in a matter of weeks, as opposed to months. This is because a large amount of the work is done in a factory before transporting the components to be assembled on site. This means that homeowners can benefit from their new living space much sooner than with a traditionally built extension.

2 Thermal Efficiency

As many homeowners now choose to add large expanses of glass into their home extensions, thermal efficiency is critical. This is to ensure that the new extension is as warm as the rest of the home, and also to ensure that heating costs are no more expensive than heating another area of the home. Thermal efficiency is another great advantage of pre-fab extensions due to the high levels of technology in the components and assembly techniques. This means that extensions constructed using Modern Methods of Construction are usually more thermally efficient than one of the same size built from traditional building techniques. Not only are pre-fab extensions more thermally efficient in terms of saving money on heating bills, they can also be less draughty than traditionally built extensions due to being built in such exacting factory conditions.

3 Build Quality

The quality and consistency of quality is another great advantage of pre-fab extensions. Why would pre-fab extensions be of better quality you might wonder? This is mainly because they are built in factory conditions where they are not at the mercy of bad weather and other on-site issues which can impact on build quality. Anyone investing in a home extension wants the very best for them and their home and so build quality is an extremely important plus point of pre-fab extensions. Ensuring your home extension is of the best possible quality will obviously maximise its value.

4 Less Mess

Mess – the dreaded word of many homeowners wishing to extend their homes! This is often a key factor that can put people off adding an extension to their home. Months of building work can take a huge toll on a home and garden. With MMC, the time and mess are reduced due to the pre-fabrication and reduced build time. Whereas with a traditionally built extension, a ruined garden may be seen almost as a given, with MMC extension products such as hup!, this does not need to happen. Most homeowners who have been through the disruption of a traditionally built extension would agree that this is a huge advantage of pre-fab extensions.

5 Speed of start date

Homeowners often enquire with their local builder about having an extension added to their home, only to be told they can’t begin work for another five or six months. This is hugely frustrating but has just become accepted as the norm. Another fantastic advantage of pre-fab extensions is that because the build time is so much shorter, builders working in this way can often schedule new projects in with much shorter timelines. This is a vital advantage of pre-fab extensions for anyone wanting to quickly add new living space to their home. This is something that has become more critical than ever following the Covid-19 pandemic. Many families have realised that their home doesn’t work for them for extended periods of time, but now is not an ideal time to move home either. The speedy start date and build time of pre-fab extensions built with Modern Methods of Construction is a huge advantage.

As you can see there are many advantages of pre-fab extensions. These range from the speed of the build, to quality, through to reduced mess in the home. While our top 5 list of the advantages of pre-fab extensions relate to homeowners, there are also many advantages of pre-fab extensions to builders. Some of these are the same but provide different advantages for the builder.

Just as speed is a big advantage of pre-fab extensions to homeowners, it is also vitally important to builders. Being able to build extensions in less time means that they can move onto the next job sooner – and in turn, offer closer start dates to eager homeowners. 

The thermal efficiency is also an advantage of pre-fab extensions for builders. All builders know that homeowners these days are interested not just in how their extension will look, but also in how it will perform thermally. If a builder uses MMC products such as hup! they can demonstrate the thermal efficiency to their customers. This offers complete peace of mind that the new extension will not create excessive heating bills and will be energy efficient to run.

Number 3 on the top 5 list of advantages of pre-fab extensions is also vitally important to builders. During a traditional build, weather and other factors can often impact on the build quality. This is out of the control of the builder. With pre-fab extensions, this lack of control is removed. Builders can create stunning, warm home extensions, knowing that the quality is assured. The peace of mind this offers to builders – as well as homeowners – is a huge advantage of pre-fab extensions.

Advantages of pre-fab extensions – a summary

If you’ve been curious about the advantages of pre-fab extensions, you hopefully now understand what they are. Pre-fab extensions offer many advantages compared to traditional building methods. While home extensions have been built using traditional building methods for many years, the advantages of pre-fab extensions mean that this is where the future lies.

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